Friday, April 4, 2014

Clothing Care Tips

Along with good and regular cleaning and mending techniques, your clothes will last longer from proper care and storage. For instance, clothes that will be stored more than a season need to be free of moths, moisture, and sunlight.
Here are several tips that will help your clothes to last longer:
General Clothing Care
• Seal threads on each button by dabbing the center with clear nail polish, on all new garments.
• Use a lint roller or wrap tape around your finger with the sticky side out to remove lint from a small area quickly.
• Always brush with the nap instead of against it when removing dust and lint.
• To keep your zippers working smoothly, rub zipper teeth occasionally with wax. Use an old candle for this purpose.
• You can quickly remove wrinkles by running a hot shower and hanging your garment on the back of the bathroom door and close. The steam will remove the wrinkles.
Seasonal Storage
If you have special heirloom items and wool sweaters to store, you'll find that the time spent on storing your clothes properly will reward you the next time you get them out of storage. There will be no moth holes, no mildew, and best of all, no need for replacements.
Repelling Moths:
• Above all make sure that your clothing is clean and free of soil and dirt. Bugs are attracted to it.
• Make sure your closet is cleaned and vacuumed on a regular basis. This picks up larvae so that they cannot develop.
Sealed and zippered bags cans make good storage containers for clothing. For short term air-tight containers can work well as you won't need to add mothballs.
• A fresh sanding to your old cedar closet will open the wood's pores and release a fresh cedar odor. This deters moths.
• The fumes from mothproofing products filter downward so keep them high up.
Deterring Moisture:
• To prevent mildew from forming use a moisture filtering barrier like an archival muslin bag, non-woven bags and silica.
• In humid climates, corrugated boxes can be used for clothes storage but can benefit with the help of archival muslin wraps, non-woven zip paks or silica.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heirloom or Moth Food? Your Wedding Gown’s Fate Is Up to You

You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. It’s a huge, life-changing event, and most women like to save souvenirs from it to help them revisit those incredible moments whenever they’d like, for the rest of their lives…

…until the day comes when they open the container in which they’ve stashed the dress, only to make the distressing discovery that it has been damaged, or even destroyed. Careful wedding dress storage is absolutely essential if you want to protect your investment and keep your beautiful gown in the family for your daughter or daughter-in-law to enjoy. In this way, you can keep the love and the memories of your joyous union alive within the family.


Don’t just clean your dress and hide it away in a brown box or a plastic bag. The passage of time will take its toll on gowns that are not properly cared for. It is important to take precautions to ensure that mold, mildew, and moths can’t besiege your cherished garment. Hiring a professional service provider for preservation and wedding dress storage is the best route to take in order to ensure a dress's longevity. You don’t want to simply haul it off to the nearest dry cleaning spot, even if they do claim to be able to clean your dress. For something this important, you’ll want to work with specialists.


There are a couple of different methods that can be used to clean your wedding dress, which is the first step in preservation and storage. The gown can be washed using a wet cleaning method, which simply means that it is professionally washed by hand, using gentle cleansers. It can also be dry-cleaned using traditional methods and spot treatments, if needed.
Many experts use a combination of these two methods, washing the hemline by hand, then spot-treating the gown with wet cleaners, and finishing the process by dry cleaning. This is the best method available, so make sure your service provider takes each of these steps to preserve your gown.


It’s crucial to invest in a wedding dress storage container that was specifically designed to keep your gown free of moth holes, insects, light damage, mold/mildew and wrinkles. Both boxes and bags are available on the market, and which one you choose depends on how you plan to store your gown. A storage box will give you more flexibility throughout the years than bags, as they can be stored just about anywhere without sacrificing the overall integrity of the dress. However, if you are certain that your gown will hang in the closet for the remainder of its life, a bag is the best investment, because it will prevent wrinkles from forming where the dress is folded.

When trying to preserve your gown for posterity, plan ahead and get the best protection that you can. Your daughter, daughter in-law, or even granddaughter will thank you for the distinctive and sentimental dress.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Best Preserve the Memories of your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most crucial and important days of your life. Think about it: if you had such a wonderful time celebrating your commitment to another human being, wouldn’t you want physical proof to hold on to those memories for years after? The answer is most likely yes. Luckily, there are a few ways to accomplish this. Here are three ways to physically record the events of your wedding day. 

1.       Have a wedding keepsake box. There are so many wedding keepsake boxes out there to choose from. A wedding keepsake box comes with everything you need to preserve your wedding dress after the big day. It is important to keep your wedding dress in an excellent condition in order to ensure that it does not become damaged later on in life. That is every woman’s biggest fear—getting a tear or a stain in her gorgeous wedding dress which is so reminiscent of the special, super important day. 
2.       A photo album. This is a very obvious one, because it shows images of the very occasion. Photos will show you and your husband exchanging vows, images of important family members and friends, the tossing of the bouquet, and much more. Try having a flush mount photo album in order to show these beautiful images off.
3.       A DVD. Yes, that’s right—a DVD of the photos taken during your wedding can be truly amazing. Imagine sitting back, relaxing, and watching the images of your wedding day play in front of you. It can be a wonderful time.

These are only three ways that you can treasure the moments after your wedding. A keepsake box can keep mostly anything in good condition, so if you have anything else to put in it, then you are encouraged to do so.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

As Seen On Downton Abbey

Our new, handmade boxes are expanding in popularity. Previous customers of these quintessentially English Boxes include the props department of the Mr.
Selfridge series, Downton Abbey, BBC Eastenders, The Welsh National Opera, Regents Park Theatre Company, and designers such as Vera Wang. The sizes, colors and designs make them a very versatile type of box that can be used for just so many reasons in the home, on set, in boutiques, by designers etc. The travel box is not just perfect for the destination bride but also for any precious garment that must get from point A to point B. The strength and sturdiness of these boxes will protect any garment while traveling. Our Empty Box boxes also can start their employ as the perfect gift packaging to the bride, wife, mother or child. Keep your treasures in a box that will last a lifetime and more.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Introducing our Line of Boxes Handmade in England

Since Foster-Stephens’ has been in business since 1936, our product line has changed and expanded many times. In my 18 years with the company, I have brought new and exciting products to our market such as our muslin garment bags and covers. In 2009 we purchased the Treasure Chest line by Keystone and once again expanded our business. I recently came across boxes being handmade in England and fell in love with the concept of a handmade box that not only looks different from the other boxes here in the United States but also was much more versatile than the preservation boxes manufactured here. This is why I decided to set out for Foster-Stephens’ to become a distributor in the US for The Empty Box Company. These boxes not only fill the purpose of preservation and storage of precious textiles from wedding gowns to christening gowns to elegant lingerie and fancy accessories, they also are boxes that the average person would love to put on display in their home as well as suit the purpose of starting the preservation process as a gift box. What better way to present a bride with a preservation box than to give her a wedding shower gift in a beautiful, fancy wrapped box ready for reuse? Instead of buying a baby shower gift and spending money on wasteful wrap that will end up in the garbage, present the baby gift in our Empty Box baby box which is adorable and makes the perfect storage container for a christening outfit or special baby garment. Our Bridal Kit is the perfect gift from the mother of the bride or maid of honor. The destination bride will be proud to carry around her dress in the Empty Box Destination Kit with the many colorful, decorative patterns. The 4 sizes of hat boxes have so many uses and are an unusual item to find just anywhere. They are beautiful stacked on a dresser and will bring joy for years to come. We strive to become an environmentally friendly company with our support of which makes are relationship with The Empty Box perfect as they strive for the same goal. I hope our customers will find our new Empty Box boxes useful in helping our planet by eliminating wasteful wrapping paper as well as buying a product that will retain its usefulness for a long time to come. I hope that you will agree with me that these boxes are unique,
romantic and just precious!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Foster-Stephens' Inc. Joins

FOSTER-STEPHENS has taken an environmental leadership position by joining’s CarbonFree® Program. In our quest for a better environment we will offset our carbon emissions with the Foundation, one of the country’s leading carbon offset organizations. Every person and business on this planet contributes to a carbon footprint created by what we do in our daily lives as well as how our business’ are run. This carbon footprint contributes to global warming and the deteriation of our environment for generations to come. Foster-Stephens’ has joined the fight to sustain our environment by making up for our carbon emissions. As a producer of different products that are manufactured, we cause carbon output during manufacturing, trucking and storage as well as in our office and even when our employees drive to work. We can all do our part to correct are negative impact on our world. Recycling is just one way to make up for the destruction of our planet. By giving to, our donated funds will go toward supporting reforestation projects in the US and abroad. If you would like to find out ways you can reduce your carbon footprint please go to or check out our link at Climate change is real and we are all responsible for the world in which we live, and we all must be part of the solution! And we must solve the problem by reducing our emissions by 50-85% globally by mid century. You can also help by buying products from environmentally friendly companies.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trashing the Dress

I wanted to talk about the trend of "Trashing the Dress" which still seems to be taking place in the name of art. We posted a picture on our website of a bride laying down in the surf and between the foamy waves and the white of her skirt, it really was a very beautiful shot. We did receive a comment from a customer that she was surprised a company that deals with preservations would post such a picture. While we do not clean gowns, we leave that up to the many dry cleaners and specialists that we manufacture our products for; we do absolutely care about the preservation of family heirlooms such as wedding dresses and I have just recently learned a lot from one of the wedding gown restoration specialists that we do deal with. Just because a bride may choose to have some very artful photos taken at the risk of her dress does not mean it has to be permanently trashed. Dirt, food and stains can all be removed when taken to someone who specializes in cleaning and restoring fine garments such as wedding gowns. Small tears can easily be repaired and beads can be replaced. Any bride can have the best of both worlds. And a dress can go for a swim if it is 100% polyester. If a dress is a natural fiber like silk, cotton or linen, water will not be a friend. There can be permanent wrinkling and shrinking that not even Wonder Woman will be able to remove. Please keep this in mind when thinking about your photography for your wedding. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. How you feel about your dress today may not be how you will feel in the future. I think as a rule we become more sentimental about our memories and if your not a parent yet, just wait. Chances are if you do not hold onto that dress and keep it for the possibility of your child wearing it or for using a part of it in their future, you may have regrets. It is a very tangible part of that day. It is a piece you can look at and share once again in your future. It is much more special to have than to just look at in a picture. The dress is You in that moment. A very short element of time in your life span but one that is so precious.....


Foster-Stephens, inc. has been producing storage solutions to preserve and protect wedding gowns and other family treasures since 1936. Our product line includes many styles and sizes of archival protection boxes and bags. We pride ourselves in providing the finest quality archival storage solutions; our products provide the quality and durability that museums demand while being easy to use and store.

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